Innovation in Shared Services for Event Management

Event Management in the 21st Century

With the evolution of technology and changes in customer behavior, event management needs to adapt to meet new needs and expectations. This includes the need for shared services and automation to perform tasks more efficiently and reduce costs.

What are Shared Services?

Shared services are strategic partnerships between companies that offer innovative and flexible solutions for event management. This can include technology solutions, such as online event management platforms, or resource provisioning services, like accommodations and equipment.

What is the main benefit of shared services?

The main benefit of shared services is the reduction of costs and increase in efficiency. By sharing resources and solutions, companies can reduce infrastructure and personnel costs, and increase their capacity to respond to event requests.

The Impact of Automation

Automation is another important trend in event management. This includes the use of attendance registration systems, communication sending systems, and financial flow management. Automation can help reduce processing time and error margins, allowing companies to focus on value-added services.

How automation can help with event management?

Automation can help manage events in various ways. For example, you can use presence registration systems to manage the entry and exit of people, or automate the sending of communications to participants and sponsors. Additionally, automation can help reduce the margin of error in financial and accounting processes.

Shared Service Success Cases

There are several cases of shared service success in event management. For example, the eventscape resource provisioning company, which provides resources such as event venues, communication resources, and equipment for event management, instead of buying these resources independently.

Challenges and Questions

One of the main challenges for adopting shared services and automation is resistance to change within organizations. Additionally, companies need to carefully evaluate specific event needs and choose the most suitable solutions.

How to overcome resistance to change?

To overcome resistance to change, companies need to show how shared services and automation can help achieve company goals. This can be done by presenting success cases and running pilots to test solutions before implementing them on a large scale.


Innovation in shared services and automation is an important step for event management in the 21st century. With the ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency, companies can focus on value-added services and improve customer service. Additionally, resistance to change can be overcome by presenting successful cases and conducting pilots before implementation.

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