What are the criteria for defining value in research projects under the Lean Science Solution`s perspective?

In the context of the `Lean Science Solution`, the value of a research project is defined by its ability to generate impact and effectiveness. Here are the criteria for defining the value in research projects under the perspective of the `Lean Science Solution`:

One. Relevance The project must have relevance to the organization or society in general. This means that the project`s outcome should be able to resolve a specific problem, improve a situation, or generate useful knowledge.
I don`t understand what you`re asking me to do. Impact The project should have the potential to generate significant and lasting impact in the field of study. This may include the generation of new knowledge, improvement of processes, or development of innovative solutions.
Number 3. Effectiveness The project should be effective in the sense that the resources invested (time, money, effort) result in significant and beneficial outcomes.
And Priority The project should be prioritized based on its relevance, impact, and effectiveness. This means that more important and urgent projects should be
Developed before others that may have a lesser or no less urgent impact.
5. Closing gaps The project should help close knowledge gaps, technology or process within the organization or in the field of study.
None Productivity increase The project should contribute to increasing productivity and efficiency within the organization, either through technological innovations,
more efficient processes or infrastructure improvement
Interdisciplinary collaboration The project should promote collaboration among different areas of knowledge and disciplines to generate innovative and integrated solutions.
8. Development of skills The project should help develop skills and competencies within the organization, either through training, formation or
Continuous learning.

In addition, it is important to consider the following factors when evaluating the project`s value:

Cost The project cost should be justified in terms of its expected benefits.
Time The time required to develop and implement the project should be reasonable and not exceed available resources.
Risk The risk associated with the project must be evaluated and managed appropriately.
Receiving feedback from end-users or equivalents is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of the project.

Evaluating the value of a project based on these criteria, research institutions can prioritize projects that are more effective and relevant, reducing the time and costs necessary to develop innovative solutions.

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