Combining Scrum and Lean Concepts to Improve Performance

Scrum and Lean are two frameworks that are gaining prominence in various companies and organizations around the world, each with its own goals and main characteristics. Scrum is a product development framework, establishing a structure and process to handle changes in project requirements. On the other hand, Lean is a framework that focuses on eliminating waste and improving efficiency in any process or system. Instead of seeing them as competitors, it's possible to combine the concepts of Scrum and Lean to create a more efficient and productive work environment.

Changes in Scrum

To combine Scrum and Lean, you need to understand the changes that must be made in Scrum. For example, in traditional Scrum, teams are formed and remain unchanged throughout the project. However, in Lean, teams are constituted based on the work to be performed and can change over time. This can become an obstacle for Scrum, as constant changes can be difficult to handle.

Another important change is the elimination of the 'Product Owner' term in Scrum. In Lean, the product leader role is seen as a facilitator and not as a owner of the product. This is important because, in Lean, leadership is considered a flexible role and not a fixed position.

Benefits of Scrum and Lean Combination

The combination of Scrum and Lean can bring several benefits to companies. In addition to improving efficiency, eliminating waste, and increasing productivity, it may also make it easier to handle changes and maintain team collaboration.

What are the Performance Indicators in Scrum?

To effectively combine Scrum and Lean, it's necessary to understand the company's needs and objectives. This can be done through a needs analysis and prioritization of goals.


Conclusion, the combination of Scrum and Lean can lead to a more efficient and productive work environment. It is important to understand the changes and benefits that this combination brings and how it can be implemented effectively.

Challenges of Scrum and Lean Combination

Challenges in combining Scrum and Lean include the need to change the company culture, resistance to change, and the need for training and support for team members.

In addition, the combination of Scrum and Lean can also pose a challenge to leadership, as it is necessary to find a balance between management and flexibility.

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