How is your digital presence?

The objective of a digital presence is to make your business visible on the web, so that potential customers can learn about your products or services without having to do much research. It`s important for businesses to establish a positive reputation online because potential customers often get their first impressions from what they find on search engines like Google before even considering whether or not to make an actual purchase.

Online sales and revenue growth

It is essential to understand the trends that influence retailers and their customers to increase your online sales.

The way people use personal devices changes the way they shop online. To minimize pain points along the shopping journey, retailers need to understand how customers shop and what devices they use to do so. From there, retailers can develop a plan that will increase the chances of repeat purchases. Millennials are increasingly purchasing products through social media platforms, and retailers must take advantage of this new opportunity. This shows that retailers in the post-pandemic world need to be where their customers are, rather than forcing them to come to you.

Finally, email inboxes are full of new offers and discounts. There is a lot of competition, so you need to ensure you are standing out from the crowd. Providing a connected customer experience on the right channels makes customers want to engage with you.

Start with data

Your communications strategy must be smart and data-driven. You`re probably sitting on a mountain of customer data, so it`s time to gather that data, study your customer behavior, and develop a messaging strategy that produces results.

Where to start? Well, you need to segment your customers based on their demographics like age, purchasing frequency, and geography. This helps you make offers that target their needs and wants. You should also take a look at last year`s data to better understand which of your products generated the most sales.

You also need to closely analyze the purchasing behavior of lockdown periods. This can help indicate the right products to reach customers at the right time and on the right channel. Finally, you should identify loyal customers and provide an exclusive offer before opening it to everyone else to show that you value their business with you.

Personalized communications

With pricing reducing a race to the bottom, customization means you stand out. Therefore, knowing your customers is essential, as it allows you to create tailored offers, build highly segmented campaigns and be super creative.

It`s important to ensure that the messages and offers you send are personalized to your customers. A 50% discount on everything in the store is impersonal. However, promoting relevant high-end products to high-value customers is not. You should always use contextual information and message customers using their first name to ensure it feels like you`re speaking directly to them.

When it comes to interacting with your customer, you need to run targeted messaging campaigns across all your digital channels. You need to communicate everything – from welcoming new customers to reminding them of an abandoned cart – so make sure you have engagement campaigns set up in your multi-channel cloud communications platform of choice.

Perfect customer experience

Shopping season means higher online volumes. To handle this, your website, app, or other sales platforms need to be able to handle traffic and enhance the customer experience in a scalable way. This is key because offering a seamless experience can help increase your conversion rate.

Investing in the right multichannel customer engagement solutions will provide brilliant opportunities to connect across digital channels. The right solution should allow you to create connected customer profiles and send automated campaigns at the right time across key channels.

Additionally, integrating chatbots can improve your brand`s responsiveness and provide 24/7 support to customers. The ability to drive a smooth transition to live agents for complex or difficult queries means customers will have the best support system available during peak season.

Proactively connecting with your target audience is key to generating the right engagement. Cloud-based multichannel communications solutions allow you to reach your customers with the information you want to provide at a time when they are most likely to receive it positively. From sales information to welcome emails, these solutions drive engagement with your customers and help you establish and control your digital presence.

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