The role of shared services in the digital transformation of the company


The digital transformation is a topic that has been heavily discussed over the past few years. For many companies, technology is a crucial component for their adaptation and survival in the market. In this sense, shared services play a fundamental role in the company's digital transformation. In this article, we will explore how shared services contribute to business innovation and collaboration.

The importance of collaboration in digital transformation

Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of digital transformation. With the implementation of shared services, companies can easily share information, process data, and implement solutions together. Moreover, collaboration allows companies to learn from each other, sharing experiences and knowledge to improve processes and reduce errors. This helps develop an innovation culture and ongoing improvement.

What are shared services?

Shared services are resources and technologies that are shared among different areas or departments within a company. This includes services such as network infrastructure, data storage, cloud computing, project management, and more. These services replace traditional communication and collaboration processes, making them more efficient and reducing errors.

Impacts of implementing shared services

The implementation of shared services can bring many benefits to the company. In addition to improving collaboration and innovation, it can also reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve corporate governance. Shared services allow companies to have a more holistic view of processes and systems, which helps identify improvement opportunities and reduce errors.

How to ensure the security of shared services?

To ensure the security of shared services, companies must implement rigorous security standards and policies. This includes data encryption, user authentication, traffic monitoring, and regular backups. Additionally, companies must train their employees on safe use of shared services and constantly monitor security samples.

Considerations for implementing shared services

To successfully implement shared services, it's important to consider a few key points. First and foremost, you need to clearly define the objectives and goals of the implementation. Second, you need to ensure governance and security for the shared services. Third, you need to configure effective communication and collaboration processes between departments and employees. Additionally, regular testing and evaluation are necessary to ensure that the shared services are functioning correctly.

In summary, shared services play a fundamental role in the digital transformation of the company. They enable companies to collaborate and communicate more effectively, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. For a successful implementation, it is important to consider governance, security, and communication. Additionally, it is crucial to train employees and conduct regular tests and evaluations. With the implementation of shared services, companies can significantly improve their ability to innovate and adapt to the market.

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